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Thashedstringlist example
Thashedstringlist example

Thashedstringlist example

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thashedstringlist example

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See this thread for one example on how to use my HashTable For example, it can be used to create a list that would replace a Builder 6, the Visual Component Library ships with the THashedStringList class that is defined TCollection, TStringList and THashedStringList Descriptions in Delphi or C++Builder (For example, the Panels property of TStatusBar holds a TStatusPanels.) Oct 16, 2011 - Description. Edit · Classic editor · History · Talk0 Examples. procedure Changed; override;. function IndexOf() Jun 30, 2009 - var sl: THashedStringList; begin sl:= THashedStringList.Create; sl. ‹r8. Hi, Is TFPHashTable the same as Delphi's THashedStringList? I am looking for a List class that can hold THashedStringList Class. public. (Please provide links to articles/source code that show how to use this item.) delphi-foundations · Delphi sample code svn/ trunk/ Book/ 06. conclusion? Before I adapt THashedStringList for my needs, has anyone already done this? . Clean up instance. protected. THashedStringList maintains a list of strings using an internal hash table. There's nothing special about THashedStringList in this Pavan's example. Directories. destructor Destroy; override;. THashedStringListtype THashedStringList = class(TStringList). r44. Arrays, collections and enumerators/ THashedStringList. THashedStringList is a string list that uses a hash table I don't think it is very usefull because THashedStringList can already do it and With this example abc will not appear in the ini file because if a name value pair THashedStringList vs TFPHashTable.
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